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A lot of the time a small business really just needs a Landing Page. What’s most important is a web address for business cards etc., but from there the online presence can be kept pretty simple yet still effective, and landing pages can have all the features of a website.

Websites must be mobile-friendly these days. Why? Because Google ranks them better if they are, and if people have to expand text on their phones to read it, they hit the back button pretty quick. So even if you lost one sale because of that, is it worth not upgrading?

The special thing about Mobile Apps is push notification. It’s the most powerful tool since email marketing – even more so because people don’t even have to click to read. Add coupons, loyalty cards and much more to that and you have real instant marketing power.

Kiwishops is a module we offer whereby if you’re not sure your products or services will sell online, you can open an e-commerce store without breaking the bank. We set you up with a login at and enter your first 10 products to get you going.

Special Projects

Special Projects

Special Projects

Special Projects


It can be a great thing for visitors to towns to be able to see what they can do and where simply by downloading an app.

Having a town app also means that businesses can have on-screen loyalty cards, and also offer coupons with special offers.

Even more powerful are push notifications which can be triggered by location – so when a visitor comes within a certain distance of the town in the future – a popup can appear on their phone.

These notifications and loyalty functions can also be used by town organisers and businesses to communicate with local residents too.

Each up comes with it’s own webpage for easy downloads and a QR code for stickers and counter displays.

We generally just charge $50 a year per business to be in the app which allows to create and maintain it. Just contact us to find out more.


Let’s face it. Google is getting crowded. Whewn you search for a service in the larger towns and cities, you can get numerous results and it’s hard to tell which businesses are better than others. Google also allows people to simply pay money to be at the top of the search results. We’ve put together a concept for an app in the home services market where there is just one business per category eg., one plumber, one painter etc.,. We check these businesses out and make sure they are bona fide and have a good track record. If someone complains to us about a business we will give them a call, hear both sides of the story, and attempt to find a resolution. We generally just charge $100 a year per business to be in the app plus an agreed amount per month for a collective Facebook ad budget that works. Just contact us to find out more.


Apps are great things for clubs and associations.

They’re an easy way for members to find out about events and results, or make bookings for club services.

Push notifications also mean club members are always aware of the latest news or special events.

We can customise these apps to have a functionality form a huge range of modules, and even link out to specific online services from providers other than us.

We don’t mind providing these apps for clubs for free if we can do so from our standard software package.

However, we do ask that we can have a button on the app that links to our website, and maintain the right to send one push notification per month ourselves as a ‘sponsors message’ to club members. Just contact us to find out more.



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