Currently Available: Whangarei, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki/Manawatu.

Our long term model is to Franchise territories whereby the local owner is the contact person in their community for our services, and the customers get looked after by phone and email via the Support Centre in Bulls once they’re onboard. However, until the model is more proven, and we have the cash to invest in the legals, the opportunity is currently an Exclusive Agency Agreement.

The Route To Market

There’s always more than one way to get to a certain place, but this is the route to market we’ve tried and tested. It is the perfect stepping stone in an Agent’s development, and it works. We know because we’ve tested it fully.

Our new Agents go out into the field with a demo app and get new clients easily because we price these ones at ‘no brainer’ levels. Stage 1 is normally our town or city app, stage 2 our “Trusted” tradie app, and 3 our free club app. You can read about these apps here.

In rolling out this three stage campaign our Agent makes money, get’s fully trained, and is ready to be the real local web guru he or she will have grown into.

Support for Agents and Clients

During this process the Agent will come across opportunities whereby a website, landing page or online campaign could be of assistance to the potential client – and they want to know more. This gets quoted with a custom plan and price from the Support Centre, and is followed up from there creating a relationship of “client” with their own “dedicated support person”.

The Agency work makes for an enjoyable role and there’s full training available first with a real ‘hand-holding’ approach from Head Office.

Great Product – Great Price

We’re pretty much the ‘best product, best price’ in the market so there’s not a lot of barriers to making sales. If you want to double check that have a look at Putti’s pricing (the web partner for Spark, and make sure you check their design costs!) and then our quick pricing page.

The Agreements

Our Agreements provide the local Agent with Liveaps promotional material dedicated solely to their territory (apps and flyers), access to the online Operating Manual and CRM, and a very generous revenue share deal, including ongoing passive income from subscriptions.

Everything is open and transparent via online information, and instead of a Franchise Fee cost based on income calculations (we think after some more time in the market these Franchises could be worth 10-20K), Liveaps is offering these Exclusive Agencies to the right people now for zero cost.

This might sound overly generous but fast sales growth given this current app market opporunity would be amazing and is what we’re after. We can handle that at the production end no worries so we’d be silly to put any barriers to entry in front of any good Agents to join the team right now.

The Agreements are planned on morphing into Franchise Agreements in the future (at no further cost to the original Agents, and on the same or better terms).

Who This Will Suit

If you’re interested you will need to be the type of person who could gain employment as an excellent business to (small) business sales rep in smart casual (not formal) way, and who is self-organised and highly motivated.

You’d need a driver’s license and be able to get around your territory OK, and also have a smartphone and internet-connected tablet, along with home broadband for internal video-conferencing.

Earning Expectation

The model we tested and mapped out sees a successful Agent earning $200+ per day within the first month, and in a year nearer six figures. Then of course the first repeating annual subscriptions start to come in on top. We will work side by side with our Agents to an earning plan and help shape things to be successful.


Hamilton, Nelson/Blenhiem and Dunedin/Invercargill are under offer at the moment, and we’re looking for people to talk to in Whangarei, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay and Taranaki/Manawatu. At this stage we are leaving Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch until we’re closer to the point of franchising, but we’re cartainly taking registrations of interest for the main centres too.

If this might  be you, simply get in touch and we’ll have a discussion. Cheers!

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