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and then email it to us to claim your custom mobile app worth $40/mo or $300/yr plus $50ph setup. We’ll give you one for free published on Google Play and the Apple AppStore, and also provide a QR code for quick downloading when people scan it if you simply have us host your website at our normal (very good) rates.

If you want to read a quick blog post summarising why it’s a good idea to be hosted with us, please click here.

This offer is really to help small business so if your website is larger than normal (a few pages) or has special features above the norm, we’ll have to quote to migrate it to our servers.

Essentially we would be rebuilding your site for free in WordPress – so if anything ever happened to us, you can give a zip file to most competent web hosts and they’ll be able to continue providing your web services.

This doesn’t apply to the mobile app though – that’s on a proprietory system but you could rebuild it virtually the same on Tiger App Creator which uses the same technology that we do).

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