Looking to test online sales of your products or services? You can have a fully functioning online store that you control at breakthrough price (see below).

We build you a three page website (Shop, About & Contact) and fill it up with it’s first 10 items. We then give you a cheat sheet so you can manage products in future.

Your site has a very secure payment system (Paypal – which just fills up from sales, and then you trasnfer funds to your bank account periodically), and you site also has it’s own Security Certificate (SSL).

We build these shops using WordPress for the pages, and WooCommerce for the shopping cart. Both these software platforms are widely used and eassily mainytained & supported.

Your site has a Kiwishops address (http://yourname.kiwishops.nz and you can log directly in and edit things as easily as using Facebook (which can be a great source of traffic to your shop and we can help you with that).

If your business grows and you want your shop to have it’s own local web address that you won, we cab upgrade you to a website at any time.


Our Costs: Design & Setup $50 per hour by quote

Most shopping carts take less than 6 hours.

App Publishing, Hosting & Support: $20 monthly or $150 yearly billing

We don’t lock you in with contracts. Price includes item updates (fair usage policy applies). This is to support a normal small business shop. If we were making updates every day, we’d have to requote. We can also give you a login for DIY and this is pretty easy too.

Paypal deducts a small percentage of every sale (around 3.5%) and you can check out more details about that here.

Our terms of trade are 50% deposit with the balance payable when you’re happy with the design and prior to going live. Prices do not include GST.

Example of a Kiwishop

Enkore in Bulls.

This site is designed to enhance real world sales. In a second hand store there can be downtime for the owner so why not extend your market to online people rather than just foot traffic?

“Even though 10,000 to 15,000 cars a day go past my shop, that doesn’t mean they all stop. So to supplement my normal sales, I’ve now got a Kiwishops outlet as well!” Mary, owner, Enkore

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