A lot of the time a small business really just needs a Landing Page. What’s most important is a web address for business cards etc., but from there the online presence can be kept pretty simple yet still effective, and landing pages can have all the features of a website.

Websites must be mobile-friendly these days. Why? Because Google ranks them better if they are, and if people have to expand text on their phones to read it, they hit the back button pretty quick. So even if you lost one sale because of that, is it worth not upgrading?

The special thing about Mobile Apps is push notification. It’s the most powerful tool since email marketing – even more so because people don’t even have to click to read. Add coupons, loyalty cards and much more to that and you have real instant marketing power.

Kiwishops is a module we offer whereby if you’re not sure your products or services will sell online, you can open an e-commerce store without breaking the bank. We set you up with a login at you.kiwishops.nz and enter your first 10 products to get you going.

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